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She is clothed in Strength and Dignity and Laughs without Fear of the Future.

Proverbs 31:25

What is The Lighthouse Project?

The Lighthouse Project is a program for 8th grade girls designed to give Mother's an opportunity to come along side their daughters and be an example and to teach them what it is to be a Godly Woman. The lighthouse Project is designed to challenge these young ladies by taking them through the 5 Aspects of Femininity, encouraging them to be of service to their church and community,  teaching them life skills, and most importantly bringing them closer to Jesus by encouraging their own personal relationship with Him. Anyone who participates in this program has chosen to do so themselves. At the beginning of the program each student has to make the commitment to finish. We ask each student to decide for themselves and to be responsible for their choices. We want to give these students an opportunity to find out who they are and who God made them to be and to be able to walk confidently with God into High School. At the end of the program, we end with each student receiving a special blessing from their mom's and we challenge the church to treat them like young adults. 

Why a Lighthouse?

We chose The Lighthouse Project for 3 separate reasons. 1. A lighthouse is built on the coast, strong and sturdy, continuously weathering waves and storms, and they last for years and years. We want to give these young ladies a firm foundation in God, particularly in their personal relationship with him, and also some solid friendships. We want these girls to have true friends to keep each other accountable and to be there when the storms come in. 2. Lighthouses are beautiful things. People photograph them, paint or Draw them and then hand them on their walls to look at and admire every day. It embodies the feminine quality to look pretty themselves yes, but also to make the world they live in a beautiful thing. We like the idea that a man can build a house, and a woman can make a home. 3. A lighthouse has a light that comes from inside. This light separates them from the dark and the rest of the world, gives them a purpose, and allows them to guide ships out of rough waters and to safety.  With these three points in mind, we thought The Lighthouse Project was very fitting. 

Requirements and Events

5 Aspects

Daughter of the King, Helper Completer, Sacred Vessel, Handmaiden of Wisdom, Glory of Man

the 5 aspects are to  be completed with your mom's each month. 

Daughter of the king- completed by February 3rd

Helper Completer - Completed by March 3rd

Sacred Vessel- Completed by April 7th

Handmaiden of Wisdom- Completed by May 5th

Glory of Man - Competed by June 2nd

Princess Story

The Princess Story starts with your testimony, your life story. As we become blood stained allies, we challenge you to take your life story and see it through the eyes of God as you learn about the Aspects. BE as creative or as literal as you want but create a story that demonstrates everything you are, and all you have done and been taught in your life and show it as God sees it. 

Rough Draft due April 7

Final draft will be due by June 9th.


February 25 

Melody- Colors, Spa fun, self care

5:30-7:30 P.m.

Melody's House 


Skin care Items you currently use

2 Shirts/ Dresses you feel prettiest in

Hair Tie/ Head Band

March 25


Mom's Please Join us for Chrsitina's Class

We also ask that you find a babysitter for any other kids this night.

April 15

Prayer Walk

May 13 & 19

Lighthouse Project & Forge Dinner & Shonni - Wool thing

Billie- Israel

Mom's Please Join us for Billie's teaching about Israel

Mom's and DAds Please join us for the Lighthouse Project and Forge Dinner. The girls will also be learning from Shonni about the wool thing earlier that day. =)

We ask that you please find a babysitter for any other kids for each of these events

June  17


Graduation will be for the whole family. 

Advice for Future Lighthouse Keepers and Parents

"Add your own wisdom, knowledge, and stories when going over the aspects to make it personal and memorable to your daughter. Also go over the aspects a little at a time and not all at once." - Sydney and Jennifer

"Enjoy yourself and remember to include Jesus in this chapter of your life." - Sydney

"Leave enough time to complete the lessons in the Five Aspects study and be sure you are in sync with what the leaders are asking you to complete! Leave time to dive deep into lessons and have discussion." -Amber & Leah

"I got a better connection with people at church because the program really encouraged building relationships." -Amber

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