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There is More...

February 4. 2016 10:26 p.m.

This is something I wrote over last summer as I was backpacking. Just some thoughts and encouragement as we go into this next year. 

Can you imagine, can you believe? We stand in the middle of the greatest story; a romance that defies the ages. About a love that consumes not just physically but to the very core of our being.

A God who see’s all our struggles, our best intentions and our worst. Who feels our hearts beat and gives us breath to breath.

Can we deny such a love? Turn our backs on one who has given us everything? Who can claim the work of a thousand stars but him? Shaped the tallest of peak but him?

Our lives are turmoil, ever changing and reshaping. Our view but a small one from where we stand. Though our gaze turns heavenward our eyes see but little. The swiftly changing scenery is all to distracting.

This life is so chaotic, ever moving faster. We need a guiding star, a hand to hold too. We are in desperate need of oceans of deep love to fall into.

When society tells us this is all, this is socially acceptable. Let our hearts cry our, “no! There is more!” There is a passion unending and a life so consuming you weep tears of sorrow because you want more and are unworthy.

Are we so satisfied by peace and shallow contentment that we can no longer feel the heat of battle? Are our eyes so tightly closed we cannot see the colors flying? Hear the tumult of a million voices all crying out?

There is more then what this life says. More then even our own hearts say there is. Is it possible to be so caught up in a love that you would give of everything you have just to loose yourself even more in it?

There is more, more passion, more love, more life, more hope then we ever knew was possible.

God, how we have normalized that word. The greatest being in the universe says, “you, I love you!” How can that not rock our world? He chose us, his son, Jesus, died on a cross for us! How can we keep living life the same way?

He pursues us with such passion and hope for our future, for our lives, how can we be satisfied? There is more! More then our eyes see, more then our hearts believe, more then people tell us.

I want to be so lost in His love that I can’t ever be found. And if it is a myth it is the most beautiful myth I have ever tasted of and I will spend my life chasing it.

I can’t give, I wont settle. I can be distracted, beat down, confused, sin, choose my own way. Yet despite all this I know beyond a doubt my name was called. That God has called out, “you are my princess and I love you as no one else can. I know your faults and I know your virtues and I love you all the more.”

If I am a fool then let me be the greatest. Because I am a part of the greatest story ever written. One that defies this life! There is more…



If it had just been you...
It would have been
Worth IT! 

Jan. 20. 2016 3:08 p.m.

Something I've been thinking about recently...


"Behold the man upon a cross, My sin upon His shoulders. Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice, Call out among the scoffers. It was my sin that held Him there Until it was accomplished. His dying breath has brought me life, I know that it is finished"

I think the most important part of these lyrics here is the line It was my sin that held Him there. Not Our Sin, MY sin.

We were made by, serve, and worship a God who loves us all so much but knows us individually better than we could know ourselves. We know what he did on that cross, he came and died, undeservedly, not for us but for you; for me. He would have done the same thing had it have been only me he was trying to save. That is how much he loves us, loves you, loves me and values my life and your life. Not collectively as a youth group, a church, a city, state or nation, but as one person who is Worth It. After everything I have done that is deserving of that cross he still thinks I am worth coming and taking it for me.

Sometimes I wonder what it means to try to be like Jesus- obviously there is no way to be exactly like this perfect person. All my fleshly self can do is try. I pray that I always am getting better in every way I can to be more Christlike but I have to also actively step back and tell myself, I am worth it and he loves me where I am. One life is worth it.

Worth It. What is IT? IT is the persecution of the world you get when you tell them you follow Jesus. IT is the betrayals when you are just trying to do the right thing. IT is the struggle of trying to succeed when you think it's impossible. IT is that bully at school. IT is that boss who dictates your life. IT is all those lemons life just keeps on throwing. But through all of IT, maybe years down the road when that bully or your boss finds their way towards Jesus because they saw you and how you acted, handled yourself, never gave up and just showed Jesus, don't you think it will have been Worth IT? Jesus thought you were.

This is how I want to be more like Jesus. He came for everyone yes, but he would have stayed for just the one. I want to go after God not to change the world but to drastically influence and change one life. To be the good friend in a time of need, to be honest and offer my advice, to love the unloveable and to find the forgotten. 

Jesus was betrayed, looked down upon by some, poor, whipped and crucified by people in the world he came to save. He didn't deserve this. 

Life is hard, and it isn't fair. But when you think you don't deserve to be treated this way, or someone does something hurtful when you are trying to honestly do some good, remember Jesus went through it all too. 

I dont need to try to change the whole world, I can't do that on my own. However if together we Jesus Follower's can go out into the world to love and be a light for one person and change their life, then maybe together we can change the world. Find a way to see yourself as worth it, then look at others the same way. 

Because even if I only succeed in changing one life, IT WAS WORTH IT!


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